Elder Reginald King is a native New Yorker who received his primary and secondary education from the New York City Public School System. Currently, he is in pursuit of receiving his Masters in Public Administration at APU College in New York City.


   Elder King is an active member and adjutant at Family Life Worship Cathedral in Elmont, New York where his Senior Pastor is Bishop Christopher T. Cox, II. With commitment, fervency and passion he not only serves at his local ministry but within the United Covenant Churches of Christ where he assists with registration and hospitality at all National events and as the Adjutant General of the National Adjutancy Corp of United.


     Elder King has a great passion for teaching others and had the opportunity of functioning as an instructor for the Berean Bible Institute and Bethel Bible Institute where he taught: The Adjutancy – Level I and Level II “The Anointing of the Second Man”, Igniting the Spirit of the Under Rower, Leadership Enrichment “Understanding the Vision and Flowing in your Assignment”, Ministerial Ethics, Etiquette, and Protocol.


   In August of 1991, he was united in Holy Matrimony to his beautiful wife Colette King and that union produced two precious children Regina and Renee. Elder King’s passion is to serve and teach others the value of servitude. This passion helped him write and publish his first book, The Anointing of the Second Man a manual for the Adjutant/Armor Bearer.  If anything is said of Elder King let it be, “He Served With Passion!”


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