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The National Adjutancy Corp is a group of men and women who pride themselves on being experts in the field of ecclesiastical and liturgical protocol. They are among those who have committed themselves to live according to the highest standards of holiness and have adopted a disciplined lifestyle that does not bring reproach to themselves nor the Church. According to Bishop J.D. Ellis the Adjutants are the managers of the episcopacy and those senior leaders at large. In other words Adjutants sanctify leaders in the eyes of the people. Adjutants are second to the senior leader as the chief servants of local houses of worship. This does not mean that they are second in the pecking order but first to serve. Adjutants have the ability to serve in any capacity of the church while maintaining the integrity of the position. Their vast knowledge of ecumenical protocol and order makes them an invaluable resource to their leader.  Adjutants carry the vision of their local houses of worship in their soul and have transferred to them the spirit of their leader.

                As stated above Adjutants are experts in the field of protocol and order. They have the immense responsibility to make sure that the service keeps it integrity by being Christ Centered, by limiting distractions and maintaining a seamless worship experience. It is the responsibility of the Adjutant to know how to prepare for and navigate through every type of worship experience, ordinance, and sacrament in the church. This includes but is not limited to: ordinations, consecrations, weddings, funerals, funeral for clergy, baby dedications, baptisms, and communion (Holy Eucharist). While the adjutancy for now is limited to the Anglican- Pentecostal tradition, the leaders of these churches minister outside of their own denominational lines, so it is the duty of the adjutant to bring enlighten to their leader on liturgical protocol that is foreign to own. It is the job of the Adjutant to inform the leader of the proper vestments for church services outside of one’s own house and ensure that vestments receive the proper care.

The Adjutants works close with the Apostolic Knights of Pentecost to ensure that the guests of  our Presiding Bishop, are well taken of and secure while they are visiting with us. Adjutants prepare an atmosphere of conformability and trust to make the stay of any guest tranquil. Adjutants make themselves familiar with the mores of the guest, and if they are a guest preacher, things that will make ministering easy. 

These things are just an overview of the responsibilities of the Adjutant. The Adjutancy exists to make the life of the senior leader easier and the church experience more excellent!




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