The ministry of service and protocol known to us today as the Adjutancy finds its origins in the episcopacy of the Church of God in Christ. In the year Nineteen Seventy-One, while serving as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ, Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II, prepared a job description for a position that would lend great support and service to the Presiding Bishop of the church partnered with a proposal for a dress code for the leaders of the Church of God in Christ. Bishop Ellis’ first assignment was vesting the members of the General Board for their Quadrennial Installation in April of Nineteen Seventy-One. At that first gathering of the Presidium and Board of Bishops in uniform dress, the church celebrated the election of the Presiding Bishop and General officers in an organized service, where the message preached by Bishop Ithiel Conrad Clemons was, “Stewards of God’s Mysteries.” It was from this moment in time that the order of servants we know today as Adjutants were forever instituted into the structure of the episcopacy of the Pentecostal High-Church. As the corps of Adjutants grew within the Church of God in Christ, so did its structure. In Nineteen Seventy-three, the presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop James Oglethorpe Patterson, appointed the First Chief Adjutant (before it was known as Adjutant General) of the Church of God in Christ, the newly consecrated Bishop Phillip Aquilla Brooks. During that season J. Delano Ellis, II, served as the Adjutant-Apostolic to the Presiding Bishop, and later ascended to the office of Chief Adjutant. Other great servants in Adjutancy, known to us, are Bishop Eric D. Garnes, who was appointed the first Adjutant General of the United Pentecostal Churches of Christ by its former Presiding Prelate, Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II. Bishop Garnes has been succeeded in the office of Adjutant General by Bishop Darryl D. Woodson, who later became the Adjutant –Bishop of the church. The Adjutancy has a rich and full history that is still being written. The standards and structures of the Adjutancy are being preserved and spread further by the work of the Adjutants Academy of the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishop’s Congress. There, the Dean of the Academy, instructs new and seasoned servants in the standards, traditions, liturgies, protocols, customs and courtesies of the church as well as the foundational principles of the Adjutancy as developed by Archbishop Ellis, its founder.

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